The Family Suites

HONEY CREEPER SUITE: A two bedroom, split level loft apartment  which accommodates up to 6 persons. Each room has  double and single  beds . There is a private double bedroom on the entrance level and an open loft bedroom on the mezzanine level.  Full-Features: Spacious high ceilings, Fully equipped kitchen, Large verandah. Separate bathroom and shower. Cable TV. WiFi access.

SUGAR BIRD SUITE: Two storey apartment accommodates up to 7 persons. Double and twin beds in upstairs room and separate double bedroom downstairs. Two bathrooms  and equipped kitchenette.
Features:  Large verandah, equipped kitchenette, two bathrooms, cable TV and WiFi access. Storage area for surfboards and sports equipment.







8 thoughts on “The Family Suites

  1. Hello, what would be the cost of either one of these family suites per night from around June 29th to July 3rd?

  2. Okay and this is available for let’s say I want to check in on the june 30th and check out july 3rd making a 3 night stay?

  3. shaila

    hi there…is the family loft available for booking December 20-January 3, we are a family of 5

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